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From the day I entered this art, I was lost in the beauty of special jewelry, Jewelry that was designed, made and assembled in a principled and beautiful manner.

Every piece of jewelry fascinated me, the metal and the stone and how to put the two together. But the thing that fascinated me the most was the center of the jewelry department, that is, the gemstone.

A stone that has been hidden in the heart of stone and soil for thousands of years, and after coming out and cutting, it turns into a brilliant and stunning gem.

Its beauty captivated me so much, that from the very beginning I put my mission on the best facets, to make this precious gem look more valuable and beautiful.

From the moment I get a rough in my hands to cut it, I look at it like a beautiful and rare gem. I will check it completely to find out which direction it should be cut so that the least parts of it are lost during cutting and that the most beauty, brilliance and preservation of color remain in this gem. Maybe I spend minutes and sometimes hours calculating it so that the best thing that is going to be pulled out from the heart of this rough is created and to become the most beautiful and lasting jewelry in the world

The use of facet machine with high precision, the highest quality cutting and polishing materials, the most efficient gem design software, love, accuracy and experience of thousands of facet, all together help in creating a high quality work of art, something which is supposed to stand and show off in the bodies of Interested people, galleries and museums for years and centuries.

After months and years of faceting and getting better each time and gaining new experiences, I set my sights on gemstones that were very rare and not only rare, but also had special and superior physical and chemical properties.

One of the most attractive and rare gemstones is the demantoid garnet, which has all the good qualities in one place.

My goal is to expand more families of precious and rare stones on this website.

Your friend, Ali Yaghoobi